In all likelihood, Cornelius Fitz will one day be described as ‘arousing paroxysms of ennui’ (Fox News), ‘beyond scum’ (Breitbart), and ‘laughable’ (Variety). Mercifully, that day is not yet here.

He is a writer and cartographer of oblivion. He has been a contributor to the Times Literary Supplement, 3: AM Magazine and STORGY, and has some creative non-fiction forthcoming at Minor Literatures. He is the inaugural winner of the Verso Prize for work on speculative aesthetics, part of a Masters in Cultural and Critical Studies at Birkbeck, University of London.

His long-form writing often blends genre novels with novels of ideas. He is currently looking to place a trilogy of detective fiction – Dear Old Blood: Notes on a Wittgenstein Noir, Interiority: A Locked-Room Mystery and The Irregulars: An Ontographical Inquiry with a publisher.

His writing has often been of a satirical and humorous bent and he has decided to return to this in 2017, with ambitious plans to unleash an ameliorative podcast of ‘applied comedy’ upon an ailing planet: The Latte Art Catastrophe.

He can be found on Twitter as @lapsedhermit.

email: cornelius.fitz77 AT


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