The Latte Art Catastrophe Ep. 1 – NNWWA

The Latte Art Catastrophe is a dark comedy for decadent times.

Episode 1 – New Nature Writers Wit’ Attitude concerns a failed attempt to ride the New Nature Writing gravy train with A Year In A Puddle.

TRIGGER WARNING: mention is made of ‘Driver Tizer’, ‘hedge-porn’ and tree fetishism.


The following sound FX are used under a Creative Commons Attribution license. All sound FX sourced on For links to individual files, see link below.

DJ Griffin – Dubsteppa
InspectorJ – Small Waterfall
Corsica_S – Tinkle
the-yura – Thunderclap
dethrok – Cicadas
Luffy – record scratch
Crosbychris – steam locomotive arrives at Tan-Y-Bwlch station.wav
Keith Selmes – Steam Train Whistle
et_graham – Dropping pile of books.wav

Other samples used under Fair Usage rights include:

Arnold Schoenberg – Verklarte Nacht (Boulez/Ensemble InterContemporain)
Thee Midniters – Chicano Power
Charley Patton – High Water Everywhere Pt. 1
Real Estate – Pool Swimmers
Das Rheingold – Prelude – Solti/VPO

End song: No Demons Here – Every Second Darker

More details and links to sound files here:…/edit?usp=sharing



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